Began out of necessity…

This is us, the story;

Back in the early 1980’s, two people fell in love. He was a roofer and she was a teacher. They were blessed with a son and she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom while he grew a contracting business and started building homes. By the time they were having a second son, he was building, she was keeping the books and watching the new development they were living in and building around them.

After moving four times that year, an agent brought an offer for a spec Mike, Barb, and their boys were living in. She had been slightly difficult during the process, (let’s be real here, she was sub-par) but when she arrived at closing, the closing agent said, “we are almost done here” and she responded, “Good! Show me the money!” At that moment, Mike bumped Barb and said, “Please go get your license!”

Mike got his license first then Barb got hers. They opened Broker 1 Realty, Inc. and sold Longview Townhouses from an on-site trailer, and so it began.

As that project finished, Barb had acquired the time, experience, and additional course work necessary to pass her Broker exam and then the first office was opened at 1986 Lincoln Way in White Oak. In 2005, they opened an office in the newly renovated Lighthouse building. Now we are here in North Huntingdon with 20 plus years of experience and we are ready to help Guide You Home!


Right away, when building this website, we were excited to take advantage of the opportunity to rethink and rebuild this page. We wanted to even rethink the title because beyond a doubt, that it is most definitely NOT “About Us”! Sure, we want to get to know you and we certainly have some experience, history, knowledge of the business and even a few idiosyncrasies- but the point of our business- the reason we hit the ground running- is because it is about YOU! How can we help “Guide You Home”?